Electricity Issue

We had brought to attention the exhorbiant electricity bill that was issued to Vista in May/June 2014. The bill amount approximately $28,000 pertained to arrears over the last three years.

Apparently, the electricity company had been unable to access the meterbox at Club Vista, and were billing us on an estimated basis only.

The matter was taken up with the Ombudsman for a satisfactory resolution. We are happy to confirm that the decision has been favourably granted to Vista.

Apart from the above matter, the following actions have been taken:

  1. The meter box locks have been changed to allow access to the electricity company for regular readings 9costs reimbursed by Mirvac to Vista)
  2.  An energy audit was done by an electrician in the Club area.
  3. Opticomm have been asked to install a sub-meter and manage their electrictity costs.
  4. The bollard lights along Tyne Walk have been repaired so that they are now working in more reliable manner.