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Dear VISTA Residents,

"Happy New Year 2013", we wish all our resident warm and prosperous new year.

Before we say goodbye to 2012, it is important to review the exciting things in 2012:

-- Final quote for Playgym for club vista ready for our vote at AGM
-- CCTV camera quote for club vista ( 4 cameras to cover entire area including new playgym)
-- New Gate quote at Campbelltown Road ( security risk)
-- New Security company appointed ( CPS)
-- Cooperation with 'Uncle Leo's developments' for development of a supermarket, Pre School and new shops at Campbelltown Rd. ( development application submitted to council)
-- Security sub committee called 'Vista Watch' ( volunteers) appointed.
-- Atlantic Boulevard and Northampton Dr road line markings completed
-- Meeting with Lord MAYOR ( Cambelltown Council) for further traffic alterations ( speed signs and no parking signs)
-- Request for Bus shelter at Glenfield Rd.
-- New Web site created (inc. facebook site) to enable cost free communications.
-- New ( free to us) fridge magnets in cooperation with real estate agent
-- New cooperation with Macquarie fields police ( security audit with council on 11 December)
-- Newsletter created by I.T. sub committee
-- New relationship with the Dharawal indigenous council for a new name at reserve park ( to be named YANDELORÁ RESERVE & council approval process in December 2012)
-- A Vista event to be created with council and connections for the 'naming ceremony' at new reserve.
-- Council to be asked ( once legal aspects sorted out) to replace all mulching with grass at the reserve to better utilise the space.
-- Plans for a 'little ones' soccer playing at the park ( adjacent to Cambelltown Rd)
-- Local newspaper location (Club Vista) to avoid any rubbish in vista streets.
-- New St. Johns Ambulance medical kit for pool area.
-- Plans for better landscaping and mowing to keep vista attractive for visitors and residents

We in the executive committee are very proud of the work we have accomplished in 2012.

Please remember we are all volunteers and your neighbours, please consider helping us all in 2013 to make it an even better year for Vista @ Panorama.

On behalf of the executive committee a big thank you and we all look forward to 2013 in VISTA, with more exciting news for all.

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Seeking expressions of interest for a Social Committee This committee will work alongside Michele on all events program. This could include some fundraising events for the Vista Community. This sub committee would fall under the management and insurance of the Executive Committee. Residents should contact Michele directly if they are interested in joining or interested in getting more information. Contact: Michele Girdham -


Security call out, C.P.S. SECURITY is the contractor for the VISTA CLUB If there is any problems in or around the pool area please call the 24 hour control room on 46 200-513 and CPS will send a patrol car out.


Special general meeting, January 23 at 6:30pm, Location: Hunts Comfort Inn., Cross Roads. We encourage all our vista residents to join us. Email: Sailen Karmacharya at for further details.

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