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Dear Vista residents,
Welcome again to the ‘soapbox’ Vista’s newsletter, available now on our web site under newsletter archives section.

The Vista Executive Committee has been busy looking after the estate since the last AGM. A lot of work goes on behind the scene to keep everything in order. Apart from the regular work, we’d like to highlight a few additional things:

1. Pool Audit preparation – Regulations now require all pools to be registered with the appropriate authorities. There were certain shortcomings evident in the preliminary investigation of our pool at Club Vista. These have been rectified, and the pool is now ready for certification. Our Strata Managers will be getting the certification soon.

2. Campbelltown Road fence repair - Certain sections of the fence along Campbelltown Road have been requiring repair. The area has been in handover stage to the Council from Mirvac. After a great deal of follow up, Mirvac have consented to repair the same before completing the hand over to Council.

3. Campbelltown Road noise issue – With the increase in traffic, noise from Campbelltown Road has been constantly plaguing Vista residents. Members of the EC are trying to liaise with RMS to fortify the fence / erect sound barriers. A petition is underway.

4. Eleanor Drive stormwater pipe leakage – A stormwater pipe has been consistently leaking towards the lower end of Eleanor Drive (near the flood basin). The EC has organised plumbers to investigate the issue. A report has been sent to Mirvac by the Strata Managers. We are in the process of trying to get this issue resolved.

5. Vista Club BBQ safety and no-smoking signs – Warning sign for the BBQ hot plates has been installed, to prevent people from accidentally getting been placed in various locations in the club area.

6. Drying plants near BBQ area – Plants immediately next to the BBQ area slab have been dying. An investigation revealed that the slab was extending under the plant area, thereby suffocating them. The area has been landscaped again, with grass replacing the affected plants.

7. Replacement of trees and plants at Vista – During the last few months, we have organised for some trees in the estate to be replaced (including a missing tree), as well as replacement of certain plants near the club area. Some of were replaced again at no cost to Vista!

8. Sprinkler system at Club Vista – The sprinkler system has had ongoing issues for a long time. This has been inspected and rectified several times. We are once again getting it inspected for summer. There has also been a nagging problem of insufficient water in the tank due to a ‘slow fill’ issue. The EC has asked the Strata Manager to pursue the matter with Sydney Water.

Electricity issue
An important thing that needs to be highlighted is an exorbitant electricity bill that has hit Vista in May/June 2014. This includes arrears over the last three years. Apparently, the electricity company had been unable to access the meter box at club vista, and were billing us on an estimated basis only.

The total amount was over $28,000. To prevent disconnection, an agreement was reached to pay the arrears in staggering amounts quarterly, till mid-2015 (based on information from Whelan). Apart from the above interim measure, the following actions have been taken:

  1. The matter has been referred to the Ombudsman for a satisfactory resolution (as confirmed by Whelan).
  2. The meter box locks have been changed to allow access to the electricity company for regular readings (costs reimbursed by Mirvac to Vista).
  3. An energy audit was done by an electrician in the Club area.
  4. Opticomm have been asked to install a sub-meter and manage their electricity costs.
We are still awaiting to hear from the Ombudsman and Opticomm regarding the progress. Further, considering the huge electricity costs that Vista has to bear, there will be no decorative lighting in the club area in December or at any other time. Please bear with us in this regard.
If you wish to communicate with the Executive Committee, please feel free to write to

Warm Regards
Vista Executive Committee

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