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Welcome again to the ‘soapbox’ Vista’s quarterly newsletter, available now on our web site under newsletter archives section.

We are nearly FINISHED, yes, 204 homes completed and we are now ONE community!

What have we achieved since we were 'born' in February 2012?

What has your executive committee, ALL VOLUNTEERS, done for the estate since then?

1. We have created a vision for what we all believed, a community of homes in the south west of Sydney should be:

  • Not just a place to call home, but a place we would all be comfortable and happy to call home!
  • An attractive clean estate with manicured gardens and lawns
  • A safe place where the problems that confront some estates in the south west of Sydney, would NOT be tolerated, like: Graffiti; Vandalism, Hooliganism

2. We the Executive Committee, decided to have strong, constructive relationships with all those authorities who may assist us in maintaining the Vista estate in the condition we all envisioned, like:

  • Campbelltown Council
  • Mirvac
  • Macquarie Fields Police
  • State & Federal Politicians
  • RMS (Roads and Maritime Service)
  • The newly formed Chairmen’s Forum of community estates (obtain realistic comparisons with more expensive estates)

3. The community would not be a community without human values, i.e. services and the ability to 'join' all these new residents into one whole, a 'whole' of neighbours, so we decided to:

  • Create a web site & Facebook Page (All volunteer work and we will try our best in future not to spend any money on this project) &
  • A 'Welcome To Vista' sign in Atlantic Boulevard
  • Created recently a 'business services' page, so all the skills of the residents in VISTA could be utilised by the very community, from their own neighbours! You can email us at if you like to list your business as well. This is a free service to all Vista residents.
  • Set about to build our first 'events' in VISTA, with the 'Vista Vipers Tennis Cup', with sponsorship and no cost to VISTA. A FREE event which enabled socialising and the utilisation of our asset, the tennis court 'kill 2 birds with one stone!'
  • FREE Plant give away on the first day of spring! A beautification project to encourage the gardening and eventually a 'beautiful home' competition in VISTA!
  • A 'Vista Watch' security relationship using our own resident volunteers and the CPS security services, our contractors, together with quarterly meetings with the Macquarie fields police community officer.
  • Our strong relationships have allowed a cut price deal for the mowing of the front lawn in VISTA, thus encouraging those tenants and owners, newly arrived, to maintain their lawn according to the strict By-Laws. Visit for more information.

Again for the Families and the kids, Christmas Lights at 'Club Vista' something to look forward to in VISTA every year! Nothing worth doing is easy! But nothing which is easy is really worth it!
A community of 200 plus homes with many multicultural definitions is a great example what can be achieved with:
1. Planning
2. Volunteering
3. Action & Determination not to become like some other poorly managed estates so we can eventually really declare to any one of our neighbours, our motto: “LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE”

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