Traffic Signs and line divider

Today, we received good response from Campbelltown City Council. Council going to request RMS to install traffic sign and line divider in our streets. Please read the email below from Council (Coordinator Traffic & Roads Design):

In continuation to our previous discussions, I would like to advise you that a traffic management plan for this estate (the developed part) was presented to the traffic committee of 5.2.2015 and to the Council on 17.3.2015.The recommendations were as follows;

1. ‘No truck route’ sign will be installed at the entry point to the estate i.e. Brampton Avenue which means that trucks over 4.5 t will not be allowed to enter in the estate except for the construction trucks who will have to have the special permission before entering.

2. Council will have to write to the RMS on this and will advertise in the local newspapers.

3. A ‘No Through Road’ sign will be installed in Elanor Drive at the intersection with Northampton Dr.

4. Double barrier centre dividing lines will be provided in Atlantic Boulevard with parking edge lines on both sides of the road from Gatton Rd to Northampton Dr.

5. Council will install No Stopping edge lines and will reduce no stopping restriction to the intersection of Atlantic Blvd and Gatton Rd (refer to the plan attached)

I would appreciate if you can advise the community of the traffic management of the estate as outlined above and advise me please. In the meantime Council will liaise with RMS and advertise about the No Truck Route in the Local Newspaper.

I am sure that the outcome we have, will ease of the problem in the local streets.

1. No Truck Route
2. Line Marking
3. Intersection